Great design is about making something
memorable and meaningful. 

Robinson Design & Paperie specializes in well-designed paper goods fit for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a quick-and-easy design template you can print at home or a fully custom designed wedding suite - you have come to the right place.

Below are a few ways we can work together.



See something that catches your eye? Browse my pre-designed templates and get a taste of finely designed paper goodies at a fraction of the cost. 


Want to create something truly unique? Custom design is the way to go. Learn more about how it all works here.


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Know what you want, when you see it.

My pre-designed template suites are perfect for someone who knows what they want when they see it. They are a mixture of contemporary, classic, modern, artsy and colorful – everything you could possibly want! Take a look around at the few samples below and let me know something catches your eye.

Don’t forget to check back often, I am always adding new goodies.

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WEDDING | Rustic Floral Suite

WEDDING | Rustic Floral Suite

SAVE the DATE | Peach

SAVE the DATE | Peach

BABY | Sprinkle Shower

BABY | Sprinkle Shower

SAVE the DATE | Quad Photo

SAVE the DATE | Quad Photo

WEDDING | Romantic Suite

WEDDING | Romantic Suite

WEDDING | Peony Suite

WEDDING | Peony Suite

SAVE the DATE | Winery Wreath

SAVE the DATE | Winery Wreath

WEDDING | Nautical Suite

WEDDING | Nautical Suite


Designed just for you.


Are you looking for something truly unique to your event? With custom design, we can achieve just that. With various styles, papers, print methods, and the possibilities are endless. Below you can view some of Robinson Paperie's favorite custom projects and read through some of my most common design questions.


WED | Rebecca + Calvin

WED | Camille + Bradley

WED | Caroline & Trevor

WED | Katherine + Thomas 

WED | Michelle + Jasper

WED | Amie + Lucas

All photographs taken by Carina Skrobecki Photography. 


Custom Design FAQ

What does custom mean? 

Custom design is truly that, custom. We sit down and chat about your event and then I tailor every detail to match - everything from typeface, colors, finishing, envelopes and more. I'll take the details we discussed and if needed, put together a mood board and custom quote. If all is approved - I start designing. 

After the first proof is ready, there are two rounds of edits included in every custom project. This is where we adjust colors, move things around, lighten things up, change some wording, etc. All so we can achieve the perfect product.  

How long before my event should I get started?

Customer service is one of my top priorities. Therefore, I am completely transparent about my workload and don’t take on more than I can realistically handle. On top of getting designs out the door, I also am playing orchestrator for all other vendors and additional items. This includes things like getting quotes from printers and calligraphers or ordering custom stamps and envelopes - all while working a full time job. Sometimes I wonder how I do it all!

For single invitations (baby shower, bridal shower, graduation announcement, Save the Date, etc.) I typically recommend we get in touch 4-6 weeks before you intend to send out the invite. For larger projects such as wedding suites, I recommend at least 10-12 weeks before you intend to send them out. These time frames allow for cushion and coordinating all the moving parts.

Can I rush order a custom design?

I consider rush order to be something needing to being in mailboxes in 2-3 weeks. Need something by Friday? Check out my Etsy Shop here and check out my pre-designed templates.

What does it cost?

Custom invites are a labor of love! Because of their intricacy, I charge an hourly design fee + the cost of finishing (printing, ordering envelopes etc.). Projects can vary greatly depending on the design and finishing type so if you are interested in moving forward, I will have you fill out custom order form. I have a minimum fee of $180 per custom design project, but most clients can predict to spend anywhere from $200 to $2000+ on a custom order.  

I am on a budget and don’t think I can afford custom design, do you have any other options?

I do! I put new templates up all the time at my shop. These are pre-designed invitations that allow you to just purchase the design you see and I fill in the event information. It's quick, easy and you still get an awesome design for a fraction of the price. 


Still have questions? Feel free to email me at