My name is Camille, the owner and designer behind Robinson Paperie. I live in Seattle, WA with my incredibly selfless and supportive husband, Alec, and our two four-legged kids, Mia and Milo. 

I have always had a passion for art and design. I am truly the creation of my parents - a love of all-caps typography and generous kerning (this comes from my sci-fi loving, engineer father) and a love of patterns and color that make you feel something (this comes from my interior designing, seamstress-ninja mother).

After completing a BA in Marketing at the University of Washington, and working several corporate jobs in the marketing industry, I decided it was time to share my passion and long-time hobby with the world. And, alas, Robinson Paperie was born! 

In my free time you will find me DIY-ing our home, spending time with my design critique (who also happens to be my twin sister - say what!?), or hunting for inspiration for my latest design project. 

Thanks for stopping by!